005 – Introduction to Resilient Manager Training

By April 4, 2019 December 4th, 2019 Podcast

Today we’re going to talk about “What does it mean to be a Resilient Manager and why should I care?”

At StepUp we are committed to making the workplace a more human place to work, where our humanity can thrive. I was looking it up the definition of resilient according to google is “able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions or able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching or being compressed.” I love that that second definition! I have to tell you sometimes after a tough day I feel like I’ve been bent, stretched or compressed and like the idea of springing back into shape.

Our “Resilient Manager Training” is designed to help managers with the often messy and complicated task of managing, motivating and working well with living, breathing human beings. The series is designed to help managers grow, become more aware, more skillful in navigating their relationships and more conscious of the impact that they are having.

We begin with “Resilient Manager Self” This is the first program and we focus on participants strengths and help them to identify where they are more reactive. We offer practical skills to have them work more effectively together and we spend time getting them to think about their own performance, impact and exposure.

Next they explore “Mastering Conflict”, adding diverse ways of navigating conflict which is absolutely a part of most creativity and also if you are trying to bring something new into being. So providing new tools and perspectives around conflict actually helps people to change those difficult dynamics and helps to get people to work more effectively together.

Then we explore “Influence to Action”, how to work more constructively with others and move our agenda forward and deal with roadblocks, obstacles and motivate the people around us.

Next is our two day workshop “Candid Conversations”. How to work more powerfully with others and develop and support a culture of trust where people feel heard and respected. We deep dive into feedback, both positive and constructive and give people real tools and practice so they can actually have those conversations and be more effective.  That actually helps to make the workforce feel more secure and trusted.

Finally, we go with “Unleashing Potential”, the coach approach to managing. Which provides a broader lens to help managers grow and expand their capabilities and influence of their teams in a what that is collaborative and motivational.

Our experiential style of training invites everyone to participate fully and play an active role in his or her own learning.  We create an environment where people feel safe to step forward and be more vulnerable about their strengths, successes and challenges. We have learned that bringing emerging leaders from different parts of the organization into this type of learning environment has had several benefits. It creates stronger bonds between participants. It makes people feel better about the organization and it makes it easier for them to work together across the organization. It cultivates loyalty because participants more valued and part of something bigger. And finally, it gives them the opportunity to practice these interpersonal leadership skills together. Which empowers them to bring these new skills back into their organization.

The Program is chock full of easy to learn skills to help managers to be more flexible to “spring back” into shape when things get messy. Check out how you can become certified to bring Resilient Manger into your organization at http://humanityworks.kinsta.cloud.

Thanks for joining us for this weeks “Five-minute Epiphanies to Mine the Mess for Success: Tips, Snippets and Stories”. For more information of course check us out at http://humanityworks.kinsta.cloud. Join us next week where we will be talking about the magical skill of listening. What? Yes, there is more to listening than you might think!

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